More Than a Visitation

A new level of the presence of the Lord has opened up for us. Godís mercy and grace is giving us access into His life that we have not had before. Today is the day to drink of Him, to appropriate His life. Listen, Iím not just saying these things. He is making Himself available in a way we havenít known. Donít let this time pass without taking advantage of it. This is more than a visitation! He is coming to dwell in us, but it is at our initiative to drink of Him. Take down your walls and you will sense a presence of the Lord you have never known before. This will be the greatest experience youíve ever had. Hang-ups, things you have not been able to overcome, can be done away for all time Ė The Egyptians whom ye have seen today, you shall see them again no more for ever (Exodus 14:13). Only keep your eyes upon the Lord. Open your heart to His grace, mercy, and compassion and you will experience a side of His life you have not known. He is revealing something of Himself we have never known. Drink of Him! Draw Him into the depths of your being! Expose yourself to the Lord and let Him happen to you. Today is a glorious day, and you have been chosen to know the Lord of glory. I bless you to be partakers of His life this day!

Copyright © 2002 by Henry DuBose