Determined to be Led by the Spirit

The day is upon us that we must learn to be led by the Spirit. This is not to say that the Spirit hasn’t led us at times, but something greater is now needed. We need to be led by the Spirit of the Lord in all that we do. We are in a day when many Christians are being deceived. So we must learn to be led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

The principle of aggressive action is very important for anyone who wants to be an overcomer. For example, Jesus said, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24). That is aggressive action! We must aggressively take the initiative to move on in God. We cannot sit back and say, “Well, the Lord will deal with me in His time, and then I’ll go through the work of the cross.” It doesn’t work that way. We know what He has set before us, what we have to walk in. So we’re not going to passively wait for God to deal with us. We’re going to reach in and take those dealings. It is what we determine to do. We set it in motion. That is what Jesus means when He says, “You take up your cross and follow Me!”

I once heard a man of God say, “I have revelation because I determine to have revelation.” The acceptance of responsibility to minister, and the determination to have the revelation that is needed for that ministry is very important. That kind of determination comes out of a dedication to be what God has called you to be. When God commissions you to a particular ministry, the ability to perform that ministry is also provided. But it doesn’t just happen; you must determine to have what is needed to do His will. Whatever God tells you to do, it will take a miracle to get it done. So it is necessary to determine to have it.

God has brought us to a place where we must now be led by His Spirit at all times. Occasional leadings aren’t enough now. So what do we do? We determine to be led by the Spirit of the Lord! The Spirit’s leading is not something that just happens. It happens as a response to our determined will. And our determined will is a response to our faith in Him.

With the vast changes that have taken place recently, it is not difficult to realize that we must be led by the Spirit more than ever before. Set the will of your spirit and be determined to be led by the Spirit of the Lord. Put your faith in action!

Copyright © 1999 by Henry DuBose

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