Appropriate ... How?

I donít think I am alone when I say that everything we have believed for hasnít come to pass. Everything we have prayed for hasnít happened. There are many promises and provisions in the Scriptures that we havenít taken advantage of. As I have waited upon the Lord and looked to Him for answers, it is the things we donít know that are so difficult. When you finally learn something and you know it, it is easy and simple. The Word is like that. It is difficult to understand but once the light comes on and you see it, how simple it is.

For years I wrestled with all the teaching I have received on the need to appropriate the things of the Lord. I believed, but when I tried to walk in it, well .... Here Iím trying to draw from the Lord; I am trying to appropriate and I donít know if I got anything or not. How do you get that to work? How do you appropriate? Someone asked me one time, ďHow do you appropriate?Ē Well, it is such a simple thing.

I had a dream the other night and the Lord showed me some things using the principles of electricity. Iím not going to get into all that with you, but in the Scriptures it says: Give, and it shall be given unto you. Luke 6:38. Now that is one scripture weíve known for a long time. Is that simple or what? We are all familiar with it. Alright, apply it to appropriation. Give, and it shall be given unto you. What God showed me in my dream was that unlike charges attract, positive-negative. Negative flows to the positive. Every time an electron flows over, it leaves a hole from where it left. Then that hole attracts another electron. So when an electron moves out another moves in the hole it left. It is a principle of God: you automatically begin receiving when you give out. If you are not giving out, youíre not getting anything. It is just that plain and simple. The flow has stopped. But as you are ministering the flow continues. Be a blesser! Bless those with whom you come in contact. Bless things! Bless your car! Minister love! As long as you continue to minister love and blessings, your spirit automatically begins drawing a refilling from the Lord. Itís not something you have to consciously do; it just happens because it is a principle of God.

Give, and it shall be given unto you. You do not have to focus on what is being given to you. You just give. Be a giver! The more you bless in the name of the Lord the more you will receive.

Copyright © 2009 by Henry DuBose