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Daily Manna - How We Read the Word is Important

Okay, we are going back to Matthew. We want to look at just a few scriptures and I’m not exactly sure which ones. We’ll just pick out some as we go.

Now, how we read the Word is important. This New Testament, the Gospels that we are reading from here, took place when Jesus ministered this a little over 2,000 years ago. We don’t want to fall into the trap of reading the Scriptures and relating to it as then. We don’t want to see it as history - this is what Jesus did, this is what Jesus said. If we are relating to Jesus the Nazarene, the man, then we are missing the Lord. Jesus now is spirit and to emphasize that I call Him “the Lord of Glory” because that’s what He is. He is the Lord of Glory. We have to know Him in that way. If we put ourselves into the Scriptures in such a way that we are relating to it as history, we have just missed it. Lord, help us relate to this Word in such a way that it can be life to us.  ...more   


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